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 (bī′ō-ĭ-lĕk′trĭk) also bi·o·e·lec·tri·cal (-trĭ-kəl)
1. Of or having to do with the electric current generated by living tissue.
2. Of or relating to the effects of electricity on living tissue.

bi′o·e·lec·tric′i·ty (-ĭ-lĕk-trĭs′ĭ-tē, -ē′lĕk-) n.
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(ˌbaɪ oʊ ɪˈlɛk trɪk)

also bi`o•e•lec′tri•cal,

of or pertaining to electric phenomena occurring in living organisms.
bi`o•e•lec•tric′i•ty (-ɪ lɛkˈtrɪs ɪ ti, -ˌi lɛk-) n.
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By application, it is segmented into drug development, image analysis and interpretation, bioelectric signal analysis and interpretation, clinical diagnosis and prognostics, and others.
acupuncture pressure point equipment, battery powered, externally applied, devices claiming to purify blood or remove, intestinal parasites, bioelectric magnetic therapy equipment, crystals and crystal therapy devices claiming to harness or emit energy for therapeutic benefits, electrodermal screening equipment, electromagnetic field therapy equipment, external nerve stimulators for weight reduction, magnetic water therapy equipment, massage devices for weight loss and cellulite reduction and other complementary therapy devices.
A new exoskeleton, the HAL Lumbar Type for Labor Support (FIGURE 4) from Cyberdyne, reads bioelectric signals, allowing the device to assist the wearer's movement according to their intentions, and reduce stress applied on the lumbar region when objects are lifted or carried.
For example, Tivic Health's ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief is a bioelectric treatment for sinus pain brought on by allergic rhinitis, more commonly known as hay fever.
These enabled him to simultaneously measure bioelectric potentials of the mimosa and to quantify visually its very small and slow movements--movements that were hidden or invisible under normal conditions and therefore only available to machine-perception.
SINGAPORE, September 26, 2018 -- Researchers here have developed a way to achieve an ultra-high bioelectric signal from human embryonic stem cells.
stated this this may be due to the poor reliability of data collection method (Bioelectric impedance analysis) while Aziz et al.
In the physiological environment, bioelectric potentials are carried in electrolyte media in the form of ionic current and the purpose of the neural electrode is to transduce these bioelectric signals into electrical signals [9], Conducting polymers can pass electronic as well as ionic charges thanks to their molecular structure and have become promising candidate materials for the modification of electrode surface [10, 11].
BC-601 TANITA segmental body composition analyzer is used for Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.
Women who underwent radiographic examination of the knees, body composition measurements by bioelectric impedance analysis, experienced natural menopause for at least one year and, completed questionnaires on demographic and clinical data were eligible for the study.