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n. (used with a sing. verb)
1. Biology The study of the flow and transformation of energy in and between living organisms and between living organisms and their environment.
2. Psychology A form of therapy that focuses on the physical manifestation of emotional tension and stress, combining psychotherapy with physical therapies such as massage, relaxation techniques, and exercises in posture and breathing.

bi′o·en·er·get′ic adj.


(Biology) (functioning as singular) the study of energy transformations in living organisms and systems
ˌbioˌenerˈgetic adj


(ˌbaɪ oʊˌɛn ərˈdʒɛt ɪks)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
the study of energy transformation in living systems.
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Wallace, who has investigated the genetics of mitochondria and their role in health for over 40 years, has long argued that a traditional biomedical approach focused on anatomy and thus, on the organ exhibiting the most prominent symptoms of a disease, overlooks the key role played by systematic bioenergetics in health.
today announced it has completed the acquisition of Seahorse Bioscience, a leader in providing instruments and assay kits for measuring cell metabolism and bioenergetics.
Decreased MMP likely indicates harm to mitochondrial structure and activity, making this end point a good first step for flagging chemicals that interfere with mitochondrial bioenergetics.
Oral administration of creatine has been shown to increase the cerebral reservoir of phosphocreatine, which can be used to produce adenosine triphosphate and potentially ameliorate the abnormal brain bioenergetics seen in depression.
Basic and Clinical Sciences - Nicholls and Ferguson: Bioenergetics, 4th Edition
Cellular response and bioenergetics can be studied in real-time for spherical and matrix based three dimensional cultures.
CoQ10 has been known to benefit cardiac bioenergetics since the 1970s.
Effects on growth, food habits, blood composition, and bioenergetics have been studied in experimentally infested captive moose (McLaughlin and Addison 1986, Glines and Samuel 1989, Welch et al.
The researcher said that the study indicated that CO essentially induces an 'anti-Warburg' effect, rapidly fueling cancer cell bioenergetics by compelling the cancer cell to increase respiration, which ultimately results in metabolic exhaustion.
The first three parts cover evolutionary history, reproductive schemes, and physiology (thermoregulation, gas exchange, bioenergetics, etc.
While he addresses Western medical diagnostic classifications he steps back to evaluate a person's health dilemma within a larger practice model that takes into account body mechanics, bioenergetics, and the state of a person's "spirit" and consciousness.
As with the laws of thermodynamics and bioenergetics, it is within this system of constant pressure that we obtain the potential for work, or what Josiah Willard Gibbs defined as free energy.