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The impairment or degradation of something, such as a ship's hull or mechanical equipment, as a result of the growth or activity of living organisms.

bi′o·foul′er n.


the degradation of an artificial surface by biological growth
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Seasonal variation in biofouling of gels containing extracts of marine organisms.
P-C is a cost-effective intermittent dosing regime, which is recognized as the European Union (EU) Best Available Technology (BAT) for biofouling mitigation of once-through cooling seawater systems.
ClickPress, Thu Nov 08 2012] The Surface Treated Composites White Book by Boud Van Rompay is a fully referenced and authoritative text on the best, most cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to ship hull protection and biofouling control, reduction of GHG by minimizing hull drag, and elimination of the spread of hull-borne aquatic invasive species.
The primary goal of most laboratory biofouling assays is to obtain a first approximation of a coatings antifouling properties without expending a substantial amount of time, effort, and resources to do so.
In the past, it has been almost impossible to monitor influent because of the physical and biological challenges that sewage presents - ragging, biofouling etc.
Konow told Gulf News that the key to his firm's patented technology is "obtaining and maintaining excellent water quality using any type of water EoACA* eliminating biofouling problems and increasing heat transfer efficiencies.
Marine biofouling is an extensive phenomenon causing large penalties to engineered structures such as ships and offshore platforms by way of increased use of manpower, fuel, material and dry-docking time (Chambers et al.
Increased water solubility and degradability of biofuel components magnify the potential for biofouling already seen with conventional fuels.
Installed in the shop of the dye penetrant user, the unit has reduced waste from the dye penetrant area by 75 per-cent and completely eliminated odor generation and biofouling of the rinse water.
In addition to withstanding extreme chemical and thermal stress, silver resists bacteria that can cause biofouling, which is why this material is sought after in a variety of industries and applications.