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1. Originating from living things.
2. Producing life.
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Adj.1.biogenous - producing or produced by living thingsbiogenous - producing or produced by living things
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Laboratory analysis was carried out on 45 physicochemical parameters of the water quality, including ions, biogenous, organic substances and heavy metals.
In nematode, the loss of PHB leads to biogenous defect of mitochondria, which suggests that PHB is crucial to maintain normal development of the mitochondria [32].
Morel, "Optical modeling of the upper ocean in relation to its biogenous material content (Case I waters)," Journal of Geophysical Research, vol.
The CO2 can be obtained from the atmosphere or from biogenous waste gases and, as with all Audi e-fuels, is the only source of carbon.
Nevertheless, FAME has proven potential to decrease emissions of CO, HC and PM, either as B100 or as a biogenous substituent to conventional diesel [11,14,15,16,17].
Various extract of placenta had been tried but only the aqueous extract of fresh full term human placenta acts as a potent biogenous stimulator (Wu et al, 2003).