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Noun1.biogeographical region - an area of the Earth determined by distribution of flora and fauna
benthic division, benthonic zone, benthos - a region including the bottom of the sea and the littoral zones
region - a large indefinite location on the surface of the Earth; "penguins inhabit the polar regions"
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The Mediterranean Sea has been colonized and invaded by alien marine organisms from the Indo-Pacific biogeographical region in a movement of thermophilic marine species from the Red Sea via the Suez Canal.
Their topics include species performance and treatment effectiveness for revegetating the Mojave Desert in the US, soil acidification and buffering mechanisms in the boreal biogeographical region, analyzing shadows to measure soil surface roughness to evaluate wind erosion, a case study in northern China of a new concept and measures to control wind erosion in agricultural land, and the effects of solar disinfection and heating on the sensitivity of virulent multiple-antibiotic resistance and non-virulent sensible strains of non-01 Vibrio cholerae and fecal coliforms isolated from Marrakesh groundwater.
The Monte and Prepuna are clearly more related to the Chaco than to the Puna, at least from the genus perspective, and their placement in the Chaco biogeographical region (Cabrera's Dominium) seems correct.
During this period, members of 29 families of Panamic fishes were recorded from California waters, and ten of those were reported as new or first records from the warm-temperate or San Diegan biogeographical region of the eastern North Pacific (Lea and Rosenblatt 2000).
To improve the biogeographical region's capacity to carry plant and animal species, the regional planner should focus on the regional endowment of greenways and corridors: their specific forms, locations, patterns, and gaps.
It covers an area of approximately 35 k[m.sup.2] in the Humid Chaco biogeographical region and is characterized by areas of grasslands and forests.
The largest savanna ecosystem in South America and the second largest biogeographical region in Brazil, the cerrado covers 25 percent of the country.
For the priority habitat type, Calcareous fens, the aim is to increase the cover from 14.0 ha (16.1% of the habitat area in Denmark) to 18.5 ha; For the priority habitat type, petrifying springs, the aim is an increase from 5.7 ha (1.6% of the habitat area in Denmark, of which 3.5 ha or 14.7% of the habitat area is located in the Atlantic biogeographical region) to 12.7 ha; For alkaline fens, the aim is an increase from 196.3 ha (6.6% of the habitat area in Denmark, of which 165.6 ha or 30.6% of the land is located in the Atlantic biogeographical region) to 271.3 ha.
Columnea is the most diverse genus of the neotropical Gesneriaceae with more than 205 species (Moller & Clark 2013), and more than 80 species in Colombia, with the Choco biogeographical region contributing ca.
Their biogeographical distribution covers at least the mountain territories in the Middle Guadiana River Basin (northern and eastern territories of Lusitania and Extremadura subprovince, western-Iberian Mediterranean province, western-Mediterranean subregion, Mediterranean biogeographical region).
However given this species occurrence in Trinidad these distributional records are not surprising especially since El Rincon is located within a biogeographical region which shows strong affinities with the island of Trinidad (Neild 1996).