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(ˈbaɪ ɒg)

Informal. a biography.
[1940–45; by shortening]


1. biographer.
2. biographical.
3. biography.
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14) Benjamin Burroughs, "Kissing Macaca: Biogs, Narrative and Political Discourse", Journal for Cultural Research 11, no.
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Contract award notice: man-csa-0056 aquisio de servios de manuteno e reparao dos cogeradores de biogs da guas do norte.
Speaking on the Anton Savage Show on Today FM she said: "It's a really difficult process, you're faced with biogs all these amazing people who've done these insane, selfless acts.
Alongside high-end literature, our independent publishers champion Welsh popular culture in the broadest sense - sporting and celebrity biogs, cookbooks, quiz books, children's picture books.
Guillem Balague, a respected Spanish journalist best known for providing La Liga analysis on Sky Sports, has followed up biogs on Pep Guardiola and Messi with an insight into Ronaldo that was allowed to breathe because the player and his representative, Jorge Mendes, refused to have anything to do with it.
Fame and fortune may be his to enjoy now, but the online biogs talk of an early childhood spent in a Glasgow tenement flat.
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com) is even better than last year, with a cracking section of biogs of last year's achievers and a full primer for 2012.