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1. A biological agent, such as an infectious microorganism, or a condition that constitutes a threat to humans, especially in biological research or experimentation.
2. The potential danger, risk, or harm from exposure to such an agent or condition.

bi′o·haz′ard·ous (-ər-dəs) adj.
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adj biopeligroso, que presenta riesgo biológico
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A day after local authorities claimed that Clifton's Seaview beach had been cleaned of biohazardous waste, Shaniera Akram again took to social media to highlight that the beach - frequented by thousands every day - was still not completely safe for public use.
The beach is biohazardous and in a state of emergency," she said.
She also asked the people not to visit the beach and said that this was biohazardous waste and the area needed to closed and cleaned by professionals.
She warned citizens not to go to the beach to clean it, pointing out that biohazardous waste needs to be dealt with by professionals.
A big problem in the industry is the "ick factor" from a recycler perspective, as companies are worried that healthcare plastics are biohazardous. ButSteichen noted that 85% of hospital waste is actually non-hazardous, meaning free from patient contact and contamination.Waste is heated during the recycling process, so the concern is based on worker safety and exposure, as well as questions about who will buy the recycled material.
You put your life at risk by working in an environment where there are biohazardous materials like blood, urine, and tissue samples.
The book extensively covers the identification, assessment, and management of biological hazards, as well as special environments as they relate to biohazardous substances.
spallanzanii were at any stage returned to the water, and all were euthanised and disposed of in biohazardous waste bags following analysis.
The pads come in versions suitable for either standard or biohazardous environments, and the mop handle includes a quick release lever, which means you'll all but eliminate potential contact with whatever nasty fluids you're cleaning up.
According to the company, it operates the only fully permitted "high heat" treatment facility in California for all categories of medical waste, pharmaceutical, pathological, trace chemo, sharps and biohazardous materials.