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Of or having to do with inorganic compounds and their role in biochemical processes.
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Analytical chemists describe methodology in determining trace elements, selected applications of matrices, and inorganic and bioinorganic speciation analysis at trace level.
It includes centers equipped with up-to-date ft-icr ms and expertise which will cover most of the field in which ft-icr mass spectrometry is involved: Bioorganic & Bioinorganic, Cultural heritage, Glycomics, Environment, Imaging, Infrared spectroscopy of ions in the gas phase, Lipidomics, Medicine, Petroleum & Coal oil, Nanoparticles, Organic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Proteomics, Structural biology.
When lead takes the place of zinc, the protein switch might not work the same way, says bioinorganic chemist Rachel Austin of Barnard College in New York City.
Current research data presented in this review highlight vanadium's synthetic and structural bioinorganic profile along with its biological activity attributes, collectively formulating the significant potential of unique structure-based and immune process-specific vanadodrugs for the detection, prevention, and treatment of immune system aberrations.
In addition to strengthening our patent portfolio, we continue to apply our expertise in bioinorganic chemistry to discover and develop novel inhibitors against validated targets, potentially overcoming previous chemistry limitations in the industry.
Silicateins--A novel paradigm in bioinorganic chemistry: enzymatic synthesis of inorganic polymeric silica.
Solomon received her bachelor's degree in chemistry from Stanford University and her doctorate in bioinorganic chemistry from MIT.
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