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A preparation that is synthesized from living organisms or their products, especially a human or animal protein, such as a hormone or antitoxin, that is used as a diagnostic, preventive, or therapeutic agent. Also called biological drug.
Variant of biological.
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Adj.1.biologic - pertaining to biology or to life and living thingsbiologic - pertaining to biology or to life and living things


, biological
a. biológico-a, rel. a la biología;
___ assayanálisis ___;
___ controlcontrol ___;
___ evolutionevolución ___;
___ half-lifesemivida ___;
___ immunotherapyinmunoterapia ___;
___ indicatorindicador ___;
___ psychiatrysiquiatría ___;
___ warfareguerra ___.

biologic, biological

adj biológico; — clock reloj biológico; — mother madre biológica; n (pharm) biológico
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Much of the burden in establishing biologic value lies on the shoulders of an effective biologic pricing model.
Meat is a basic protein food containing proteins of the highest biologic value.