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Noun1.biology lab - a laboratory for biological researchbiology lab - a laboratory for biological research
lab, laboratory, research lab, research laboratory, science lab, science laboratory - a workplace for the conduct of scientific research
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Tenders are invited for Supply installation testing and commissioning of cold store 2 to 4deg c in micro biology lab opd 3rd floor at dr rml hospital new delhi
It's fascinating because none of these species are known to consume coral in any meaningful quantity in other regions," said John Burt, associate professor of biology and principal investigator of the NYUAD Marine Biology Lab.
They also had the chance to take a dissection class in the WCM-Q biology lab, learn about the human heart by working with Harvey - a hi-tech robotic humanoid learning aid - in the Clinical Skills Centre and visit Hamad Medical Corporation, WCM-Q's clinical partner.
In 2005 we redesigned our 400-level molecular biology lab at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, integrating undergraduate research into the course in order to increase the number of students engaged in scientific research and to stimulate faculty research programs.
The third-place award was given to Leigh Kleinert and students in her General Human Anatomy and Physiology course, who partnered with Jenison International Academy to provide an in-person, interactive biology lab for online high school students.
His plan is to join the play and the student council, while impressing Miranda as her biology lab partner.
WWU Biology building), $130,000 for commercial alteration: upgrades to existing biology lab in Room 461.
The new space is completely operational and will be used for cell culture labs, capacity for adherent cell scale-up of 10 billion cells, controlled rate freezer capable of cryopreserving 600 vials of cells, capability for membrane preparations of up to two gram of protein, large-scale electroporator capable of generating three billion transfected cells, flow sorter, dedicated molecular biology lab and Radioisotope lab, which is to be completed later this month.
The ultimate goal of our research is to understand how certain molecular signaling pathways control aging across all species in general," said study lead author Hua Bai, a postdoctoral researcher in the ecology and evolutionary biology lab of Marc Tatar, professor of biology at Brown.
When Buttercup was hatched in a high school biology lab with a backwards left foot, the duckling had a hard time walking without getting cuts and constant foot infections.
She gives numerous examples of this new economy, such as a free online biology lab, peer-to-peer lending and donation platforms, and Khan Academy, a free online teaching service.
Ben Screen | Is this a real person or did some 15-year-old make it in a biology lab in school?