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The increasing concentration of a substance, such as a toxic chemical, in the tissues of organisms at successively higher levels in a food chain.
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Moreover, heavy metals are not biodegradable in nature and accumulate in the food chain through biotransformation, bioaccumulation and biomagnification (Aslam et al., 2011).
Fish, being at top of aquatic food webs, can become victim of bioaccumulation and biomagnification of toxic metals.
Hilomen said these nanoplastics can reach humans through biomagnification. This means organisms with nanoplastics can be eaten by bigger organisms, causing these bigger creatures to ingest whatever nanoplastics are in the system of the organism they just ate.
This information is extremely useful for conservation and ecological management, as indicators of productivity (Thebault & Loreau, 2003), ecosystem perturbation (Cucherousset, Bouletreau, Martino, Roussel, & Santoul, 2012; McMeans, Rooney, Arts, & Fisk, 2013; Busst & Britton, 2017), and contaminant biomagnification (Pouilly et al., 2013; Marshall, Forsberg, & Peleja, 2016).
Mercury bioaccumulation and biomagnification in a small Arctic polynya ecosystem.
The authors claimed that Se which occurred naturally in marine food chains (the lower trophic level) could play a key role as a main modifier of MeHg accumulation at these levels, thereby also potentially affects biomagnification of MeHg toward the higher trophic levels in the aquatic food chains.
Therefore, eutrophication can change the environment and the community richness, affecting the pollutants bioaccumulation and biomagnification [6, 11].
Presented here is a short synopsis of the life, legacy, and work of Rachel Carson, including the various pesticides analyzed, and the biomagnification of pesticide concentration levels that had been identified in the soil, water, and bird specimens.
Predatory species that live at a higher trophic level are more comparable to humans and thereby more exposed to biomagnification, such as mercury [1, 34, 35].
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