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A biocompatible material that is used to construct artificial organs, rehabilitation devices, or prostheses and replace natural body tissues.

[bio(compatible) + material.]


a synthetic material used in prostheses or the replacement of natural body tissues


(ˌbaɪ oʊ məˈtɪər i əl, ˈbaɪ oʊ məˌtɪər-)

a natural or synthetic material that is compatible with living tissue and is suitable for surgical implanting.
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Among biomaterials, polymeric biomaterial segment is projected to grow rapidly registering a CAGR of 13.
A biomaterial is a natural or synthetic material suited to replace or treat natural body tissues and organs on interaction with biological systems.
The topics would cover modeling and informatics tools for biomaterials; new biomaterials; bioinspired and biomimetic approaches to developing biomaterials; biomaterial interfaces, biology, and health; and biomaterials manufacturing and technology.
He represented India in World Biomaterial Congresses since 1984 in Washington.
Topics include specific objectives and theoretical basis of biomaterial surface engineering, surface engineering methods, biological methods, covalent bonding of biomolecules, surface engineering of biomaterials reducing protein adsorption, surface engineering of microfluidic devices, drug delivery systems, protein delivery in tissue engineering, biomaterial surface characterization, and evaluation of cell behavior on biomaterial surfaces.
This biomaterial delivery system is scheduled to be featured at 13th EFORT Congress, Berlin, Germany between 23 and 25 May 2012.
He and his colleagues have devised a biomaterial that releases a drug only when zapped with an ultrasound pulse, the same sort of signal used in sonograms.
Once integrated, these genes can be activated to provide new pathways for biomaterial design, and open up a means to address unmet needs in regenerative medicine by matching properties to applications.
The lab is fully operational and driven by a team of chemists, chemical engineers, microbiologists and biomaterial engineers.
The device is designed by Advanced Biomaterial Systems of Chatham, N.
The paste, a new biomaterial described by Constantz and his colleagues in the March 24 Science, hardens in place and accelerates bone replacement.