biomedical cloning

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Noun1.biomedical cloning - nuclear transplantation of a patient's own cells to make an oocyte from which immune-compatible cells (especially stem cells) can be derived for transplant
cloning - a general term for the research activity that creates a copy of some biological entity (a gene or organism or cell)
nuclear transplantation, SCNT, somatic cell nuclear transfer, somatic cell nuclear transplantation - moving a cell nucleus and its genetic material from one cell to another
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Thus, SCNT technology in the context of biomedical research is often referred to as "therapeutic cloning," "biomedical cloning," or "research cloning"--terms that reveal its close connection to, while also demarking its distinction from, "reproductive cloning."
"Most troubling, this effort dilutes the essential question: Is the United States of America going to allow embryonic stem cell research and biomedical cloning to go forward using the now widely accepted techniques used by the private sector, or the State of California, and by dozens of other countries, or is it going to remain hostage to the arbitrary views of those with certain beliefs about the nature of life and its origins?"
More recently, this summer in the New Republic ("Holding Cell," August 5 & 12, 2002) Groopman found that the council's majority recommendation calling for a four-year moratorium on biomedical cloning confirmed his initial perceptions: "It shackles lifesaving research and provides no clear framework to advance the ethical debate.

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