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a person who is knowledgeable about biometry


(ˌbaɪ oʊ mɪˈtrɪʃ ən, baɪˌɒm ɪ-)

also bi•o•met•ri•cist

(ˌbaɪ oʊˈmɛ trə sɪst)

a person skilled in biometrics.
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Principles and Procedures of Statistics: A Biometrician Approach, 2nd edition.
Hilko van der Voet, a biometrician at the Netherlands-based Wageningen University and Research Center, agrees with Ng and von Goetz that linking data about food origin, processing, and transport is an important goal.
Tenders are invited for biometrician to provide technical guidance and certain deliverables to a team of owner and partners who are designing and field testing ecological monitoring methods.
For example, Austria requires a clinician, pharmacologist, nurse, lawyer, pharmacist, patient representative, representative of a disabled-persons organization, biometrician, and a person with ethical experience such as a priest or minister.
The professional background of the interviewers included agricultural economist, biometrician, sociologist and technical officers.