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 (bī′ō-mĭ-mĕt′ĭks, -mī-)
n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study of the structure and function of biological systems as models for the design and engineering of materials and machines.

bi′o·mi·met′ic adj.
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(General Engineering) (of a human-made product) imitating nature or a natural process
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In an ongoing development program led by The Photonics Center at Boston University along with BioMimetic Systems, iRobot, and Insight Technology, REDOWL will give troops in combat situations the ability to accurately determine the position of the shooter and return fire rapidly.
Nothing in Menopause says anything explicit about Dolly, or cloning, or the increasingly prevalent view of animal bodies as "resources" to be "mined" for biomimetic genomics.
The biomimetic and neurorobots creeping out of Japanese labs imitate biological behavior.
Sports shoes, monocoque bicycles and biomimetic structures are some of the exhibits in this new show of cutting edge engineering.
This new work is "potentially important for a fundamental understanding of adhesion processes and for biomimetic mechanical systems;' such as walking robots, comments Jacob N.
Cuneyt Tas, Synthesis of biomimetic Ca-hydrocyapatite powders at 37[degrees]C in synthetic body fluids.
Scientists working in a new field known as biomimetic robotics believe that humans can solve real-world problems by dissecting this and other forms of animal intelligence, and then using that knowledge to design, build, and program autonomous machines with similar superhuman capabilities.
Against this backdrop, it is easy to see why several funding agencies have expanded the area of research in biomimetics--in particular, biomimetic electromagnetic sensing.
Editorial will cover: the mechanical behavior of single cells; forces and biomolecules; biodevices and biomimetic systems; computational tools; and, experimental biomechanics methods.
Stourport, Worcestershire, England-based Morgan Fuel Cell (MFC) recently announced the development of a patented "Biomimetic" bipolar plate technology that "promises to boost the power available from fuel cells [(FCs)] and bring down the manufacturing costs."
The patented Biomimetic bipolar plate technology developed by MFC drew its inspiration from the natural world.
The technology incorporates advances in biomimetic coatings, computer technology; and sensor technology to overcome the limitations of current measurement methods.