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brooch by Danish silversmith Georg Jensen (1866-1935)


A nonrepresentational form or pattern that resembles a living organism in shape or appearance.

bi′o·mor′phic adj.
bi′o·mor′phism n.
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having the form of a living organism
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"Unearthing things that have been buried throughout our history." Photo by Andrea D'Altoe Inside the three biomorphic modules (only two feet from the base up!) are entire "worlds" altogether (achieved by stacking mirrors that trick us into seeing the march of infinity before our very eyes ah, the magic of optics).
Taiwan should break into the multinational defense technology supply chain, the report indicates, and attempt to heighten its position within international cooperative enterprises like directional energy weapons, biomorphic robotics, active defense technology and low observable technology.
Keywords: bio-inspired system, agent-oriented software engineering, influence/reaction principle, biomorphic system
Each of the seven "ponds" has a lower level, perhaps the pond's bottom, and a parallel upper one, perhaps its surface; the lower level is a flat biomorphic plane, the upper a web of loops.
Through biomorphic form making and skin manipulation, the design employs the analogy of the Koi to remind its visitors that one may emerge stronger from adversity through perseverance of will, good fortune, and support of community.
First, Josue Valdes--once an orphan living in the radioactive wastes of Havana in the twenty-second century on a world devastated by nuclear warfare, now a Contact Specialist or condomnaut contracted to negotiate trade with the Milky Ways thousands of alien species on behalf of the Spaniards' Nu Barsa colony--has sex with a biomorphic alien replicant of his preteen love.
National Artist Cesar Legaspi's untitled 1981 oil-on-canvas features biomorphic forms that look like crystallized minerals.
The bumps, dents, cracks and rust on their surfaces left behind by the mechanical process, natural forces and the passage of time add to their biomorphic feel.
Other elements contributing to my art have been the birth of my children, the landscapes that I inhabit, cells and biomorphic images: All appear in my work, but are transmuted into archetypes, referring and responding to reality--twenty-first-century experience rendered into a timeless essence.
By treating biological cicada wings in a solution containing silicon dioxide, then exposing the treated wings to high-intensity ultrasound, and finally allowing the wings to solidify so that the wings can be separated from the silicon dioxide material, the researchers were able to fabricate biomorphic silicon dioxide surfaces with the same nanostructured pattern that the cicada wings have.
The designer's look draws heavily on biomorphic shapes and curves, a distinctive bent that finds an echo in Messika's Ron pieces.