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brooch by Danish silversmith Georg Jensen (1866-1935)


A nonrepresentational form or pattern that resembles a living organism in shape or appearance.

bi′o·mor′phic adj.
bi′o·mor′phism n.


(Genetics) a set of two-dimensional branching biomorphic images that can be used to illustrate evolutionary concepts


(ˈbaɪ oʊˌmɔrf)

a painted, drawn, or sculptured free form suggestive in shape of a living organism, esp. an ameba.
bi`o•mor′phic, adj.
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These purely inorganic hierarchical materials, discovered by the IP of this project, form under geochemically plausible conditions and closely resemble typical biologically induced mineral textures and shapes, thus the name biomorphs .
They replaced it with asymmetrical, nature-inspired forms that foreshadow the biomorphs and streamlined shapes of the 20th century.
Combined in composites whose rhythms are complicated by patterns of paint, they may suggest totems, yes, or stylized biomorphs, and their materials carry a burden of history and use.
He said, 'I foresee in the next five years needing a full time team just to retire Biomorphs who escape from their masters during city-wide role-play games.
A further section describes the biomorphs in more detail and considers various explanations put forward for the figures.
The compositions are clumpy and his biomorphs lack personality.
Throughout the early '80s, Cubist still-life concerns reappeared in paintings depicting coffee cups, shoes, and fragments of domestic interiors, while her Chicago connection insinuated itself in images of wispy, ghostly hands, wraithlike figures, and schematized animalistic biomorphs.
William Baziotes, that painter of cryptic biomorphs, considered him a hero.