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One who feels a strong attraction for or emotional attachment to the living world.
1. Conducive to or supportive of life: a planet with a biophile atmosphere.
2. Tending to concentrate in the tissues of living organisms: biophile elements such as phosphorus and iodine.

bi′o·phil′ic (-ĭk) adj.
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I am happy to join the right-thinking people today in what will go down in history as a lone biophile's maudlin appeal for equality and justice for the downtrodden.
Victor Moritz Goldschmidt (1888-1947), the father of modem geochemistry, introduced the term biophile for elements found at high absolute or relative concentrations in living organisms.
[21], quinone structure is a kind of functional group more biophile than benzene ring.
The as-prepared active carbon with loose pore structure and large specific surface area and massive surface functional groups possesses favorable biophile characteristic and adsorption performance.
Raouf Guirguis, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Converting Biophile Laboratories, Inc, a solution provider at the marcus evans Medical Device R&D Summit Fall 2012, highlights the benefits of collaboration between medical device R&D companies.
But a contradiction lurks between the pragmatic scientist and biophile humanist, and it is located in the world useless.
The actual translation of "biophile" means "one who loves life." The articles emphasize the importance to a healthy society of residing in spaces that incorporate the natural world and the community of mankind.
Hopkinton, MA 6/21/04 -- Sample management and assay automation systems company TekCel has acquired the assets of Biophile, a maker of ultra low temperature sample management systems.
Just the same, his heart is in the right place--he is a biophile, in Edward O.
Biophile, Inc., 999 Grove St., Suite 108, Charlottesville, VA 22903.
It marks a significant new direction for ICN Pharmaceuticals, made possible after its acquisition of Llanellibased SLS Biophile last year.