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 (bi′ō-fĭl′ē-ə, -fēl′yə)
A strong attraction for or emotional attachment to the living world.

bi′o·phil′ic (-ĭk) adj.
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(Psychology) an innate love for the natural world, supposed to be felt universally by humankind
[C20: bio + -philia]
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Biophilia in design works perfectly with the maximalist look.
The idea of utilizing green areas to generate value has been a motivation for property developers, given the fundamental attractiveness of the natural environment and man's biophilia.
"If you look at our product, there's this whole concept of biophilia, where you integrate nature and green space within the overall living environment.
The narratives span the 1980s to the 2000s and are explored in the context of various theories, such as attachment theory, play, biophilia, and death anxiety.
This may qualify him as having the most advanced case of biophilia in our time.
It is a call to create our products to be made up of materials that were informed by biomimicry (learning from nature to produce nature's patterns) and biophilia (the relationship between nature and people) and manufactured by processes that generated more energy and water than they consumed--in facilities powered by renewable resources and designed to foster worker and community health and happiness, a call to imagine our products to improve our quality of life and bring joy through their beauty and functionality, allowing us to envision a future that is Socially Just, Culturally Rich and Ecologically Restorative.
(Biophilia is defined as the urge to affiliate with other forms of life.)
Bjork had set the bar extremely high with her app Biophilia, so we decided to add something she didn't, which was the audience interaction part.
The scientific word for bonding with nature is biophilia, roughly defined as a humanity's innate love of natural world, said Simon May, vice president of McCaren Designs Inc.
When discussing the trend toward biophilia, Goodell states that where you're raised will bring up different associations to different environments.
The article refers to the biophilia hypothesis, first popularized by biologist E.O.