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An apparatus, such as a fermentation chamber, for growing organisms such as bacteria or yeast that are used in the biotechnological production of substances such as pharmaceuticals, antibodies, or vaccines, or for the bioconversion of organic waste.


(Biology) a machine for growing organisms


(ˌbaɪ oʊ riˈæk tər)

a fermentation vat for the production of living organisms, as bacteria or yeast.
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A 1-liter bioreactor would normally produce 4 milliliters of hydrogen per day, says Bruce Logan of Pennsylvania State University in University Park.
Each bioreactor comes with a screw cap with five holes to allow for optimized gas transfer; the caps contain a PTFE membrane to serve as a sterile barrier and to minimize liquid loss by evaporation.
Fayetteville, AK) has patented a stable continuous method for producing ethanol from the anaerobic bacterial fermentation of a gaseous substrate containing at least one reducing gas involves culturing a fermentation bioreactor anaerobic, acetogenic bacteria in a liquid nutrient medium; supplying the gaseous substrate to the bioreactor; and manipulating the bacteria in the bioreactor by reducing the redox potential, or increasing the NAD(P)H TO NAD(P) ratio, in the fermentation broth after the bacteria achieves a steady state and stable cell concentration in the bioreactor.
There are three main hazards associated with bioreactor processing technology.
The revolutionary bioreactor transforms biogenic fats and oils into biodiesel with unprecedented speed of only 2-3 seconds.
The beauty of the GreenFuel bioreactor is that it can be retrofitted to existing smokestacks, such as those at coal-fired power stations, at relatively low cost and with minimal disruption,' says Edwards.
We are excited by the breadth of Protalix's unique plant cell culture bioreactor platform, the quality of the management team and the prospects for the company's products and technology, particularly its lead product for the treatment of Gaucher Disease, which is progressing through the clinical development process," stated Dr.
Mass transfer and bioremediation of naphthalene, 2-methylnaphthalene and 1,5-dimethylnaphthalene have been studied in a rotating bioreactor modified with the addition of baffles and beads.
According to Veridium, the technology routes the exhaust CO2 through the company's bioreactor, where it is consumed by algae composed of approximately 94 percent starch and six percent oil.
have agreed to construct a bioreactor for the city's Columbia Sanitary Landfill, an effort that could increase the landfill's life by five years.
Within the bioreactor, oxygen- and nutrient-enriched fluid that mimics the blood supply flows through the silicon scaffold, simulating the body's circulation system.
To design a bioreactor is to devise ways to control the physical and biochemical environment inside this box, which involves regulating the flow of energy and materials in and out of it, for the purpose of optimizing the desired biochemical reaction that is taking place inside the box.