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An area bounded by natural rather than artificial borders that has characteristic flora and fauna and includes one or more ecosystems.

bi′o·re′gion·al adj.


a natural ecological community in which the biodiversity and ecosystem are distinct
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bioregion, such as climate conditions or species mix and distribution.
Trace Creek data were compared with similar data from other streams in the Highland Rim Bioregion of the state.
Among bioregionalists, a geographical area that has distinctive natural characteristics is considered a bioregion. One bioregion may have prairie land, another may display mountainous terrain, and a third may include row crops and orange groves.
By shifting to a bioregion approach, there would have to be a massive reduction in consumption of unnecessary goods: we would have to go back to building wooden children's toys, instead of making them with oil-based plastic and shipping them from China or wherever.
Bioregion de Niedersachen-Red en Ciencias de la Vida
Despite its breadth, the glossary suffers from some circular definitions, for example, defining "ozone depletion" as "depletion of ozone ...", and using the words "bioregion" and "conservation" in definitions of "bioregionalism" and "conservationism", respectively.
A bird builds its nest using the materials at hand to create a shelter that's highly relevant to its bioregion. And that's the model used by Robert Laporte and Paula Baker-Laporte, a pioneering natural house designer and builder who have just finished helping to create one of their EcoNests an hour-and-a-half northwest of Toronto.
"For me, it is an exercise in getting more acquainted with our local bioregion," Mr.
Some devote themselves to learning the deep history of their bioregion, reaching all the way back to geologic formations and trying to assess the possibilities of local human inhabitation within an expanded context.
A model of knowledge management supported in technology watching and competitive intelligence for the productive chains of Isabella's grape on the bioregion of Valle del Cauca
"Having students and faculty aware of the water challenges facing the South Florida bioregion can be a motivator for engagement in local actions congruent with the needs of the whole planet," said Sister Patricia Siemen, director for the Center for Earth Jurisprudence.