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An area bounded by natural rather than artificial borders that has characteristic flora and fauna and includes one or more ecosystems.

bi′o·re′gion·al adj.


a natural ecological community in which the biodiversity and ecosystem are distinct
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Ecovillagers usually build their homes on the same general principles, but suited to the natural materials of their bioregion.
The village's 200 residents interact extensively within their community and with others in the wider bioregion.
The Avon Wheatbelt bioregion in Western Australia, for example, has the continent's highest percentage of cleared land (88 per cent) and a correspondingly small area covered by conservation reserves (0.
All residents of the coastal community of Cap Pele - an Acadian village renowned for its community and co-operative tradition - came together in a new model of environmental education that aimed to encourage greater attachment to their bioregion.
At its second biennial congress, held last month on the shores of Lake Michigan in the Great Lakes Bioregion, it succeeded in giving continuity and shape to what has for the past decade been a swirl of formless activity, but it did so without any of the centralizing structure and stifling hierarchy characteristic of so many American political movements.
These ingredients fit in well with ten directives for creating ecocities that Roseland borrowed from the Urban Ecology Movement for example: revising transportation priorities; supporting local agriculture, urban greening and gardening; establishing mixed zoning; working with local business to support ecologically sound economic activity; and increasing awareness of the local bioregion through education.
A bioregion is simply a section of the earth with unifying characteristics of flora, fauna, soil, water and the like--a watershed, say, or a mountain range--and bioregionalism is the philosophy that argues such regions, determined by nature and not legislature, must be understood, safeguarded, developed and honored.