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The belief that social organization and environmental policies should be based on bioregions rather than on arbitrary political boundaries.

bi′o·re′gion·al·ist n.


the conviction that environmental and social policies should be determined by the bioregion rather than economics or politics
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Von Glahn shows how bioregionalism and feminism intersect in a work by Libby Larsetr, whose environmental activism manifests as a covert political message.
Growing dissatisfaction with the lack of environmental progress, combined with ideas like Peak Oil and Climate Change as existential threats, nurtures countercultural ideas like bioregionalism and relocalization, which focus on community resiliency and localism.
Each one was examined and analyzed in light of the approaches and perspectives of development planning: political, economic, environmental, New Economic Geography (NEG), neoinstitutionalism and bioregionalism perspectives.
In contributing to Canadian children's literature ecocriticism, I hope to draw further attention to how children's and YA fiction can use ecopedagogical narrative frameworks such as bioregionalism to teach ecoliteracy and ecological justice (Cutter-Mackezie et al.
Bioregionalism, Permaculture, and Ecovillages, Berghahn, New York, 2016, 329 pp.
The essays are grouped in sections frontier violence; comparative literature and landscape; bioregionalism and nomadism in McCarthyAEs Western literature; liminal thresholds; and interdisciplinary approaches.
Bioregionalism, local entrepreneurship and other approaches to economic decentralization, economic diversity and democracy carry within them a critique of corporate monopoly capitalism and unsustainable technological growth.
Kirkpatrick Sale, Principles of Bioregionalism, in J.
I define digital ecopoiesis as the making of interactive digital objects, shaped by ecological discourses, such as ecofeminism, bioregionalism and sustainability.
They address issues such as environmental movements, green political parties, deep ecology, the land ethic, landscape restoration, sociobiology, sustainable agriculture, eco-feminism, social ecology, and bioregionalism.
Similarly, most nonvegetarian residents of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage and the Possibility Alliance eat meat that has been locally raised, reflecting an emphasis on local economies and bioregionalism, the idea that social and environmental policies should reflect the bioregion.
In much the same way that advocates of place-connectedness and bioregionalism, like Lawrence Buell, may view the meanings associated with place as a sort of palimpsest with vertical depth, the fly fisher's sense of place and stewardship responsibility may also act in multiple layers, beginning with, and building upon, a respect and care for their favourite fish.