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An area bounded by natural rather than artificial borders that has characteristic flora and fauna and includes one or more ecosystems.

bi′o·re′gion·al adj.
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a natural ecological community in which the biodiversity and ecosystem are distinct
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There can be no illusion that the necessary processes can be accomplished quickly and without upset, but the pretense that all is well with the National Parks System will only lead to reactive decisions assuring the demise and loss of those values so loved by the American people and so vital to the ecosystems and bioregions of our country.
'Entire bioregions can be rendered inhospitable to their inhabitants over the next century,' he said.
Distribution.--The genus Gaius is endemic to Western Australia, with a broad distribution that extends largely east of the Jarrah Forest and Geraldton Sandplains bioregions, from Albany, Munglinup, Esperance and Point Dempster in the south, north to Carnarvon and the Fortescue River (Pilbara bioregion) in the north, and east to the eastern margins of the Gascoyne, Murchison, Coolgardie and Mallee bioregions (Fig.
The Pilliga Forest, located between Coonabarabran and Narrabri in northern inland NSW, is the largest surviving temperate woodland remnant in the western slopes bioregions and is close to the Common Wombat's western limit.
Most Syllophopsis species are known only from the Afrotropical bioregion. One Syllophopsis species, however, has achieved broad distribution through multiple bioregions: S.
Insular, selfish, undemocratic corporate cultures come under heavy fire, as do some top-down models of governance impervious to needs of specific bioregions. Without structural political changes that connect economics and ecology at the local, national, and global levels, human civilization will outstrip available resources, heat the planet to dangerous highs, and destroy itself.
Corvid WNV prevalence was highest in South Coast, the Bay/Delta, the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys, and Klamath/North Coast bioregions, overlapping areas of elevated WNV activity in other surveillance measurements.
One of these 'BioRegions' in the NRW region, called BioRiver-LifeScience, is collaborating with the Health Region Cologne Bonn to ensure a continual knowledge transfer between hospitals and top-notch German universities so that patients get the best specialist treatment possible.
In Queensland, up to nine coal projects were proposed in the Desert uplands and Brigalow belt bioregions, areas the mining industry and government have preferred to refer to using a geological name, the Galilee Basin.
We are currently developing advanced curricula in subjects such as the ecology of specific bioregions, near shore systems and the California Current, and urban ecology.