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An area containing a wildlife preserve bordered by a buffer zone in which more frequent use is permitted to the public, established as a way of integrating habitat conservation with the interests of the local community.
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In the fields of Gale Farm in Orange, oxen are grazing - not quite the same as the cattle that once populated the 71-acre farm, but a better scene than a string of houses along the property that is across the street from where a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the North Quabbin Bioreserve was held last month.
"Designing Bioreserve Networks to Satisfy Multiple, Conflicting Demands." Ecological Applications 9: 741-750.
What other species or intangibles might we lose from the violation of Michoacan's protected bioreserve?
Money from CREP will dovetail nicely with TNC's Green River Bioreserve. TNC will continue to use Service and other restoration funds to continue riparian restoration work, while CREP funding will go only toward habitat protection.
Is the conversion of land from agricultural production to a bioreserve boon or bane for economic development?
Will Chicago become the world's first urban bioreserve? It's beginning to look that way.
Section 2, "Strategies for conserving biodiversity," presents case-study-like reports of several management approaches intended to conserve biological diversity, including the bioreserve approach, gap analysis applications, historical range of variability applications, emphasis-area approach, coarse-filter approach with a species assessment, landscape management planning, and fine-filter adaptive management.
If these [environmental] groups are saying that trees are fundamentally inviolate and sacred, that there should be some bioreserve that humans should be kept away from, my response is that, no, that's just your particular religious view and you can't force the government to impose that idea."
It trained a corps of volunteers who tramp through the Appalachian backcountry under Irwin's direction, collecting data for bioreserve maps and proposals that the coalition will use to guide wilderness protection efforts.