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1. A chemical or physical marker indicating the presence of life, especially something sought in geologic formations or in an extraterrestrial environment. Also called biomarker.
2. See biomarker.
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Research theme 3 aims to investigate the long-term stability of biosignature gases in the context of the climate.
This idea of looking for atmospheric oxygen as a biosignature has been around for a long time.
To implement precision psychiatry, we must be able to identify the biosignature of each patient's psychiatric brain disorder.
This is also a promising way to search for a biosignature in deep space.
Untargeted urine metabolomics reveals a biosignature for muscle respiratory chain deficiencies.
Liquid Water: Finally, we come to what is probably the most important biosignature.
Biosignature identification needs to take into account a broad variety of geochemical and organic characteristics; furthermore the most detectable in-situ biosignatures will be organic molecules.
In this regard, protein-focused research based on high-throughput proteomic technologies has evolved rapidly to identify unique biosignature of skin cancer.
The study was supported by the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare Clinical Trial and Research Center of Excellence, China Medical University Hospital, Academia Sinica Taiwan Biobank, Stroke Biosignature Project, NRPB Stroke Clinical Trial Consortium, the Tseng-Lien Lin Foundation, the Taiwan Brain Disease Foundation, the Katsuzo and Kiyo Aoshima Memorial Funds, and CMU under the Aim for Top University Plan of the Ministry of Education.
The focus is on NGS and OMICs information investigation in a blend with factual learning for biosignature mining.
To investigate whether the characteristics of the metabolites that significantly differed among the three groups could be efficiently exploited for building a sensitive biosignature of TB status, ROC curves, which have been conventionally used to evaluate diagnostic performance in clinical research, were calculated.