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1. A chemical or physical marker indicating the presence of life, especially something sought in geologic formations or in an extraterrestrial environment. Also called biomarker.
2. See biomarker.
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The main goal of the mission is to bring together the site's environment history, as investigated from orbit, computer models and on ground observations to give the best possible information about the sites erosional history and what this means for biosignature (evidence of past or present life) preservation.
Biosignature's technology works by measuring proteins in the blood to find minute changes that could signify the early stages of an illness.
The presence of methane in the atmosphere of a planet is considered a biosignature, an indication that the planet supports a form of life similar to that on Earth.
'Though not a direct biosignature of life, methane can add to the habitability of martian settings, as certain types of microbes can use methane as a source of carbon and energy,' he added.
A strength and conditioning gym which offers personal training, Biosignature Modulation, strength and conditioning training programmes, seminars, workshops, group classes, health and fitness assessments, and nutritional advice.
Scientists consider the simultaneous presence of oxygen and methane in a planet's atmosphere to be a strong biosignature because these gases like to react with each other, destroying each other.
Oxygen makes up 20 per cent of Earth's atmosphere and is considered one of the most robust biosignature gases in Earth's atmosphere.
Direct biosignature studies, such as isotopic analyses, are one way to address these less tangible aspects of animal behavioral ecology.
Further, intergroup comparison of combined biomarker concentration indicated similar circulating levels regardless of bacterial load and disease site, supporting the utility of our serum biosignature across a broad spectrum of TB manifestations.
Sucupira et al., "Plasma metabolomics biosignature according to HIV stage of infection, pace of disease progression, viremia level and immunological response to treatment," PLoS One, vol.
This work was supported by grants from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan (MOHW107-TDU-B-212123004); China Medical University Hospital, Academia Sinica Stroke Biosignature Project (BM10701010021); MOST Clinical Trial Consortium for Stroke (MOST 106-2321-B 039-005); Tseng-Lien Lin Foundation, Taichung, Taiwan; and Katsuzo and Kiyo Aoshima Memorial Funds, Japan.