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1. The use of living organisms or biological processes for the purpose of developing useful agricultural, industrial, or medical products, especially by means of techniques, such as genetic engineering, that involve the modification of genes.

bi′o·tech′ni·cal (-nĭ-kəl) adj.
bi′o·tech′no·log′i·cal (-nə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
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relating to biotechnology
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Today, silvicultural, mechanical, biological, biotechnical and chemical methods are being used as pests control strategies in forests.
Our RTP site is a dynamic workforce that's diversified with talented individuals who bring a vibrant work environment and vitality to the RTP biotechnical area.
is a WBENC-certified woman-owned, full-service medical and scientific writing company headquartered, providing clinical, nonclinical, and quality regulatory writing to global pharmaceutical, biotechnical, and medical device clients since 2006.
GlobeNewswire said PHE had engaged Danish biotechnical company Bavarian Nordic to supply the vaccine.
Chang said the ultra-modern facility is divided into several clusters-such as value-added agriculture processing, energy-saving and ecological agro-production system, biotechnical services, agro-materials, husbandry and animal health, aqua breeding and natural-products improvement.
Multiplex PCR amplification of AmpC [beta]-lactamase genes from the test isolates was carried out using primers synthesized and supplied by Inqaba Biotechnical Industries Ltd (Inqaba Biotechnical Industries Ltd, South Africa) in a thermal cycler (Lumex Instruments, Canada) and with a final PCR mixture of 26.5 [micro]L containing 0.2 [micro]L of Taq polymerase enzyme U/[micro]L, 2.5 [micro]L of 10X PCR buffer along with 2.5 [micro]L Mg[Cl.sub.2], 1 [micro]L of 10 pM from each of the forward and reverse primers, 2.5 [micro]L of dNTPs MIX (2 Mm), 3 [micro]L of DNA template (from the test isolates), and 14.8 [micro]L of nuclease-free water.
4,018,000soms were spent for biotechnical measures for preserving and reproduction of wild animals.
The town adopted this document in 2015 since it was a condition for having the Biotechnical Innovation in the Use of Rainwater in Zvolen project approved and the awarding of the EEA and Norway grants.Some of the actions implemented within the strategy in Zvolen include rain curtains and the planting of trees.
That it was the only piece shown by Piccinini was a disservice both to the show's theme and to the artist's sustained engagement with biotechnical speculation.