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An area that is uniform in environmental conditions and in its distribution of animal and plant life.

[bio- + Greek topos, place.]


(Environmental Science) ecology a small area, such as the bark of a tree, that supports its own distinctive community
[C20: from bio- + Greek topos place]


(ˈbaɪ əˌtoʊp)

a portion of a habitat characterized by uniformity in climate and distribution of biotic and abiotic components.
[1925–30; < German Biotop=bio- bio- + Greek tópos place]


[ˈbaɪəˌtəʊp] Nbiotopo m


nBiotop nt
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A methodological study for biotope and landscape mapping based on CIR aerial photographs.
A damp biotope as well as a dry biotope were created within the last years and Sandler was one of the first European nonwoven manufacturers to be certified by the `EC-Eco-Audit' at the end of 1995.
The garden's paved vehicle surfaces are made of gravel to slow and filter rainwater, and the paved walkways and paths slope to a biotope where water is cooled and cleansed in a cistern for future use.
Le biotope est riche en plantes dont nombreuses sont connues et exploitees traditionnellement pour leurs vertus medicinales ou cosmetiques.
Because of that, the dromedary can be considered an animal of choice due to its unique cyclic adaptation to a strong arid biotope.
lithophaga habitat presents an important biotope for numerous marine species.
Earlier he held positions at Biotope, Sanofi, and ImmunoNuclear Corp.
Seven of the 14 families represented are terrestrial in biotope, but these families were represented by only seven species with no more than four individuals of any species.
What: Media Biotope is an independent networking and demo event for
Since it concerns both the legally protected biotope according A* 30 BNatSchG in the majority of FFH LRT, linking the two surveys is conducted.
2[degrees]C) reported for station 3 is normal considering the nature of the biotope.