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An area that is uniform in environmental conditions and in its distribution of animal and plant life.

[bio- + Greek topos, place.]


(Environmental Science) ecology a small area, such as the bark of a tree, that supports its own distinctive community
[C20: from bio- + Greek topos place]


(ˈbaɪ əˌtoʊp)

a portion of a habitat characterized by uniformity in climate and distribution of biotic and abiotic components.
[1925–30; < German Biotop=bio- bio- + Greek tópos place]


[ˈbaɪəˌtəʊp] Nbiotopo m


nBiotop nt
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Tenders are invited for Scientific direction of the protected biotope of the coastal stretch deba-zumaia
We are going down the path of preserving the natural biotope of wood grouse so that they can continue to live in the wild," ministry spokesman Tomas Ferenak claims.
The use of deforested areas for agriculture gave rise to another locally highly specific biotope, known as clearance cairns.
Nabiha Aouadi, co-directrice du projet, a declare que [beaucoup moins que]l'assemblage faunique represente un biotope sub-saharien et de savane tres different de celui qui y existe aujourd'hui[beaucoup plus grand que].
A representative availability of tree and shrub species were found in this biotope, but only one shrub (Erytroxilum havanensis) was used as food.
Looking at the group of colorful coral reef fish, scientists ask how it possible to find so high a diversity of fish in the same biotope, how they share their environment, and what kind of communication they use.
Nuire donc a ce biotope qui se regenere difficilement et lentement, on risque, a la longue, de faire perdre a Dame Nature de sa superbe.
ventricosus were gathered in a backreef lagoon biotope covered by seagrass meadows.
He noted that this compromise that has lasted for centuries, is a living proof that Sahara was not always a desert zone, but a biotope that encouraged lifestyles and civilizations that survived several centuries.
Moreover, some research works showed not only the heterogeneity of fish gill biotope but also its high complexity with time [5-7].
The climate and vegetation in North Kazakhstan differ from Canada's; therefore, at the first stage, it is important to study acclimatization of imported purebred animals and at the second stage, adaptation of animals of own reproduction, that is, those that are born and bred in the natural biotope of Akmolinsk region of Kazakhstan.
The presence of natural hollows in trees or the possibility of convenient movement among the crowns of trees and shrubs can determine the occurrence or absence of a species in a biotope (Adler 2000, Di Bitetti 2001).