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An area that is uniform in environmental conditions and in its distribution of animal and plant life.

[bio- + Greek topos, place.]


(Environmental Science) ecology a small area, such as the bark of a tree, that supports its own distinctive community
[C20: from bio- + Greek topos place]


(ˈbaɪ əˌtoʊp)

a portion of a habitat characterized by uniformity in climate and distribution of biotic and abiotic components.
[1925–30; < German Biotop=bio- bio- + Greek tópos place]


[ˈbaɪəˌtəʊp] Nbiotopo m


nBiotop nt
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'In the area of biodiversity, we developed a biotope at our Toyota Ban Pho plant, the first of its kind in Thailand.
In addition to the damage to the biotope caused by heavy excavators on the beach which compacted the sand dunes, the unrooted trees were burnt on site, where due to its protected status even small campfires are prohibited.
Inspired by the theme of 'Uniting Water, Energy and Food', the Dutch pavilion will house a 'miniature world' - or biotope - in which precious natural resources will be intrinsically linked and the climate will be naturally controlled.
Our studies have confirmed that the ratio of species of molluscs in a certain area and the level of their invasion by partenites and larvae of the trematodes depend on the biotope's characteristics.
A circular climate system - a biotope, essentially - provides visitors, tourists and business people alike, with a sensory experience.
The hundreds of young people who participate can experience nature as they walk the stone paths to cave chapels for the divine liturgy, as they discover the springs, as they visit the workshops, and as they plant trees and release birds in the monastic biotope, which is a refuge for wild birds, too.
The Environment Ministry wants to toughen up conditions to prevent similar situations.The Slovak Environmental Inspectorate (SI#381P) has completed an inspection focusing on the construction of a new hotel complex in the valley of Demaumlnovskaacute Dolina, which will be situated close to the protected Vrbickeacute Pleso lake and on a biotope of European importance.
Furthermore, as part of our ongoing efforts to create plants that coexist with nature and the local community, the new Biotope Tsutsumi will also act as an environmental education facility that will help both employees of the plant and a greater number of local residents to feel closer to the natural environment.
A representative availability of tree and shrub species were found in this biotope, but only one shrub (Erytroxilum havanensis) was used as food.
SIBER was run twice, once for the hardground biotope (D.
The presence of natural hollows in trees or the possibility of convenient movement among the crowns of trees and shrubs can determine the occurrence or absence of a species in a biotope (Adler 2000, Di Bitetti 2001).