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1. Having or consisting of two parts.
a. Having two corresponding parts, one for each party: a bipartite contract.
b. Having two participants; joint: a bipartite agreement.
3. Botany Divided into two portions almost to the base, as certain leaves.

[Latin bipartītus, past participle of bipartīre, to divide into two parts : bi-, two; see bi-1 + partīre, to part (from pars, part-, a share; see perə- in Indo-European roots).]

bi·par′tite′ly adv.
bi′par·ti′tion (-tĭsh′ən) n.
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1. consisting of or having two parts
2. (Law) affecting or made by two parties; bilateral: a bipartite agreement.
3. (Botany) botany (esp of some leaves) divided into two parts almost to the base
biˈpartitely adv
bipartition n
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(baɪˈpɑr taɪt)

1. divided into or consisting of two parts.
2. shared by two; joint.
3. divided into two parts nearly to the base, as certain leaves.
[1500–10; < Latin bipartītus, past participle of bipartīre. See bi-1, partite]
bi•par′tite•ly, adv.
bi`par•ti′tion (-ˈtɪʃ ən) n.
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Adj.1.bipartite - divided into two portions almost to the base
compound - composed of more than one part; "compound leaves are composed of several lobes; "compound flower heads"
2.bipartite - involving two parts or elementsbipartite - involving two parts or elements; "a bipartite document"; "a two-way treaty"
many-sided, multilateral - having many parts or sides
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[baɪˈpɑːtaɪt] ADJ (= consisting of two parts) [structure] → bipartido; [treaty] → bipartito
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If [??] < T, then x is said to be the local solution to bipartite fuzzy stochastic differential equation (18), and if [??] = T, then x is called the global solution to (18).
Therefore, when the topology of the system is a bipartite graph, the matrix D + A associated with the system can be rewritten as [mathematical expression not reproducible].
Patellar duplications should not be confused with bipartite patella.
Standard mass diffusion algorithm applied the three-step mass diffusion starting from the target user on a user-object bipartite network, which accurately outperforms the standard collaborative filtering methods [1].
(1) Ossification of this sesamoid bone occurs bilaterally within 60% of the affected patients and is bipartite within approximately 30%.
However, the little reported government-funded Sainsbury Review of Technical Education calls for a 'bipartite' approach when it comes to compulsory post-16 education: an academic route for some and a vocational pathway for the majority based on 'parity of esteem'.
Such a matrix can efficiently be represented by a bipartite graph which consists of bit and check nodes corresponding to columns and rows in H.
This conjecture is far from being settled, as notably (1) no constant upper bound on [[chi]'.sub.irr](G) is known for G bipartite, and (2) no satisfactory general upper bound on [[chi]'.sub.irr](G) is known.
Os peroneum is identified in 4.7-30% of normal feet [1] and is bipartite in approximately 30% of cases and unilateral in 40%.
Quelque 247 microprojets ont ete finances durant la meme periode dans le cadre de l'Agence nationale de soutien a l'emploi de jeunes (Ansej) au titre de deux formules de financement (bipartite et tripartite), ont precise les responsables de l'antenne locale de cet organisme lors d'un salon de wilaya sur l'emploi, le travail et l'assurance sociale, ouvert a Adrar.
Our proof shows in particular that the maximum vertex cover problem--also known as the partial vertex cover problem--is NP-hard on bipartite graphs.