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 (bī-pĕd′l) or bi·ped (bī′pĕd′)
1. Having two feet; two-footed.
2. Walking on two feet.

bi·ped′al·ism (-pĕd′l-ĭz′əm), bi′pe·dal′i·ty (-pə-dăl′ĭ-tē) n.
bi·ped′al·ly adv.


Standing or walking on two feet. ♦ The use of two feet for standing and walking is known as bipedal locomotion. The evolution of bipedal locomotion in humans was aided by the development of an upright head and backbone and of an arched foot.
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Adj.1.bipedal - having two feetbipedal - having two feet      
four-footed, quadruped, quadrupedal - having four feet
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Hollars interviews a journalist who wrote about the beast decades ago, an elderly man whose father sketched it after a sighting, and others who offer a range of theories, including werewolf, a subspecies of wolf that adapted to be bipedal -- and something else entirely.
There is good evidence from the relative lengths of the arms and legs, that baby Psittacosaurus scurried about on all fours, but by the age of two or three, they switched to a bipedal posture, standing up on their elongate hind legs and using their arms to grab plant food.
Cats employs CGI animation to graft its stars' heads onto the bodies of bipedal felines, giving an effect that was described on Twitter as "creepy".
Cats employs CGI animation to graft its stars' heads on to the bodies of bipedal felines, giving an effect that was described on Twitter as "creepy".
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Auroraceratops, a bipedal dinosaur that lived roughly 115 million years ago, has been newly described by paleontologists.
Johnson can often be found chasing after one of those diabolically bipedal entities we often refer to with the innocuous moniker of "Toddler" or waking in the wee hours of the morning to quiet the nightly cries of the littlest member of my family.
The bipedal robot will carry packages from an autonomous delivery vehicle to the recipient's doorstep.
Between them "stands" a figure Waring claims to be a bipedal alien, the ( Express reported.
Jerry Pratt, a senior research scientists at IHMC Robotics, said researchers are focused on creating humanoid robots that can walk in a bipedal manner over a variety of terrain.
A trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie preceded this YouTube video I clicked on and unlike usually, I decided to keep watching rather than reach for the 'skip ad' button the instant it appears, curious to see what the bipedal blue hedgehog would look like.
Both are endangered, can grow over 7 feet and are bipedal. The single foot print forms when the bear walks on four feet."
Earlier this week, online users ridiculed Kalashnikov's new bipedal combat robot.