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(Zoology) showing both bilateral and radial symmetry, as certain sea anemones
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(baɪˈreɪ di əl)

adj. Biol.
having both bilateral and radial symmetry, as ctenophores.
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Adj.1.biradial - showing both bilateral and radial symmetry; "some sea anemones are biradial"
symmetric, symmetrical - having similarity in size, shape, and relative position of corresponding parts
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Due to the short test and ultralow reservoir permeability, some characteristic responses in the middle and late time period, corresponding to the biradial flow and boundary dominated flow regimes featured by the slope of 0.36 and 1 in the pressure derivative curve, cannot be found from the well test data.
Both polypoid and larval stages of zoanthid internal structures display biradial symmetry (see Ryland et al., 2000).
The fact that both his father's parents (Jose Rufo Vallejo and Justa Benitez) and his mother's parents (Joaquin de Mendoza and Natividad Gurrionero) consisted of a priest who married an Indian woman introduces a rather uncanny element of biradial symmetry into Vallejo's genealogy.