birch bark

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Noun1.birch bark - a canoe made with the bark of a birch treebirch bark - a canoe made with the bark of a birch tree
canoe - small and light boat; pointed at both ends; propelled with a paddle
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"It's so easy to believe things in the woods," said the Story Girl, shaping a cup from a bit of golden-brown birch bark and filling it at the spring.
A white strip of birch bark blowing up from the hollow over the brown floor of the grove made her heart stand still.
A camp of birch bark would be pitched outside of the town, and a kind of primitive fair opened with that grave ceremonial so dear to the Indians.
A piece of dry birch bark started the fire, and Daylight went ahead with the cooking while the Indian unloaded the sled and fed the dogs their ration of dried fish.
The result includes interiors finished with birch bark, wood ceilings, plants, stone, and other natural elements, while outdoor features connect the building to an ecologically restored site.
Since establishing Birch Bark Coffee Company last spring, the Birch Island entrepreneur has followed a path strewn with a lot of hard work, a little luck, a few challenges, and valuable insight.
"With the ban of Sassafras Root in the 1960's, development of a dry ingredient, non-synthetic Root Beer recipe was a painstaking process of trial and error." The proprietary recipe will feature lab-tested, dried Sarsaparilla Root, Wintergreen Leaf, Birch Bark, Licorice Root, Anise Star Pod, Spikenard Root and dark roasted malted barley variants.
"You have birch bark canoes somewhere, don't you?" Doc asked.
Giving details about the discovery, Nawaz-ud-Din said the Bakhshali manuscript is a mathematical text written on birch bark that was founded by a farmer in 1881 from fields at a village in Bakhshali (currently Mardan but at that time Peshawar district) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.