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Noun1.birch rod - a switch consisting of a twig or a bundle of twigs from a birch treebirch rod - a switch consisting of a twig or a bundle of twigs from a birch tree; used to hit people as punishment; "my father never spared the birch"
switch - a flexible implement used as an instrument of punishment
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Ah, Master Cheever has taken down that terrible birch rod! Short is the trial,--the sentence quickly passed,--and now the judge prepares to execute it in person.
See, the birch rod has lost several of its twigs, and will hardly serve for another execution.
Enjoy your playtime now, and come again to study and to feel the birch rod and the ferule to-morrow; not till to-morrow; for to-day is Thursday lecture; and, ever since the settlement of Massachusetts, there has been no school on Thursday afternoons.
Here, again, a good birch rod might have been serviceable; but, as my powers were so limited, I must make the best use of what I had.
Lawson was sent to reformatory until he is 19 and Hart was ordered to receive three strokes of the birch rod.
It was recorded in September 1887 by North Riding Constabulary: "Whenever flogging with a birch rod is ordered by the police, great care will be taken that the rod used for children under 10 will be lighter than that used for children that might be older." When the railway line was opened from Stockton to Thornaby it was used officially and unofficially as a footpath.
"Every summer we would stay with my nain and outside her door would be a freshly made birch rod, she had made from twigs which she used to put the fear of God into us.
George cried when he was charged, but despite his mother's plea that she had told him to take the goods, he was sentenced to three strokes of a birch rod "to teach him a lesson".
FDR, he notes, called municipal power systems "a birch rod in the cupboard, to be taken out and used only when the child gets beyond the point where more scolding does any good"
It's not your community and whereas people went to holiday camps, and perhaps more egalitarian, more convivial places, I grew up in a family where your Welsh granny put a birch rod over the back door on the first day of your arrival and pointed at it.'
The accused was ordered to receive ten strokes with a birch rod.