bird's eye view

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Noun1.bird's eye view - a situation or topic as if viewed from an altitude or distancebird's eye view - a situation or topic as if viewed from an altitude or distance
perspective, view, position - a way of regarding situations or topics etc.; "consider what follows from the positivist view"
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Washington [United States], May 12 ( ANI ): When NASA launched its next rover to Mars, it will have a small helicopter onboard to give a bird's eye view of the planet's atmosphere.
A bird's eye view of the falcons can be followed at features/Pages/peregrine-falconsin-rochdale.aspx
The system offers an omni-directional perspective from the 360-degree cameras that create a bird's eye view of the vehicle, while ultra-wide angle side cameras are activated with vehicle's turn signals.
A bird's eye view of Teesside from the top of the Transporter Bridge at night peter reimann
Bird's Eye View has been held in high regard early in her career and started favourite for the two races she contested at two, one of them a 20-runner maiden over today's course and trip in which she finished second to a filly who was Group 3 placed at three despite not training on quite as well as might have been expected.
A BIRD'S EYE VIEW I looked down at Coventry from a restaurant up high, Got a bird's eye view almost from the sky, Looked over to Spencer Park and I saw there, Varied trees now clothed in summer leaves so fair.
School ICT co-ordinator Carl Aspey said: "Once they have hatched it will truly be a bird's eye view of the little chicks growing before their eyes, as the mummy and daddy birds feed them constantly through the day."
The company behind the scheme wants to take visitors on 15-minute flights 400ft (125m) in the sky for a bird's eye view of the city and beyond.
Bird's eye view - the big wheel at Chavasse Park, in Liverpool city centre
UFO in Her Eyes is toldthrough a series of interrogation scripts compiled by the various agents sent to investigate the strange sighting giving the reader a bird's eye view from various standpoints.
The Durham Light Infantry Museum and Durham Art Gallery is hosting Kabir Hussain's Bird's Eye View, Michele Allen's While Reason Sleeps, and Jo Ray's My Spectacles until Sunday, March 22.