bird food

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also bird food  (bûrd′fo͞od′)
Food given to birds, such as mixed seeds.
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Noun1.bird food - food given to birdsbird food - food given to birds; usually mixed seeds
feed, provender - food for domestic livestock
canary seed - a mixture of seeds used to feed caged birds
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Do you have any tips to keep the costs down or a good supplier of reasonably priced bird food please?
It is probably sorghum, a grain crop much used in bird food so perhaps that's how it got into both our gardens.
wild bird food business from subsidiaries of The Scotts Miracle-Gro Co.
This will be the first time this innovative technology will be used in the packaging of bird food in Canada, and this will allow the firm to access new global markets.
ZuPreem FruitBlend with Natural Fruit Flavors Premium Daily Bird Food for medium/large birds
The serious side of the business is that the wild bird food and products market in the UK is worth around pounds 350m a year.
B&Q has seen demand for bird food and bird feeders rise 15% as wildlife scratches around for titbits.
Whatever your feelings towards the grey squirrel, there is no doubt that they can be a major nuisance to the domestic gardener, destroying tree bark, stealing bird food, eating bulbs, burying and digging up their winter food in your lawn and patio containers.
He said his company is Kazakhstan`s biggest importer of wheat, barely and bran which is also active in the fields of production, supply and distribution of animal and bird food and currently imports flour to the Central Asian countries including Turkey, Romania and Egypt.
Many pet owners used to make the trip to a specialist pet shop to buy catfood or dogfood a generation ago, but as petfood aisles have expanded, today those with smaller furry friends can pick up gerbil, rabbit, fish or wild bird food in the supermarket too.
The couple spends money out of their own pocket to buy special bird food at the pet store.
Its lawn and garden products include grass seed, wild bird food, weed and insect control products, and decorative outdoor patio products and are sold under the brand names Pennington, New England Pottery, GKI/ Bethlehem Lighting, AMDRO, Grant's, Sevin and Over'n Out.