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Named Vorombe titan -- Malagasy for "big bird" -- the creature would have stood at least three meters (10 feet) tall, and had an average weight of 650 kilograms, making it the largest bird genus yet uncovered.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The world's earliest known bird genus, Archaeopteryx, is only understood thanks to a small handful of fossils.
Fake Pals (added a or o required) a croc, orca --crocodile, killer whale a kaka --NZ parrot a Pipa --Surinam toad genus (W) a pup, Upupa --dog, bird genus (hoopoe, W) a tur, bruta --goat or pea, edentate (all W) baobab, a boab --two names for same tree coral, a roc --coelenterate colony, roc o, bonobo !--great ape, "pygmy chimp" o, Bubo !--horned owl genus (W) o, dodo !--famously extinct flightless bird o, galago !--bushbaby (primate, loris relative) o, Tyto !--barn owl genus (W) sumac, a Mus --see next, mouse genus (W) Finally, a couple that are not true pals but are circular pals of each other, neatly both at 32154: Musca, sumac--housefly genus (W), tree/shrub (cashew relative, one species poisonous).