bird of Minerva

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Noun1.bird of Minerva - nocturnal bird of prey with hawk-like beak and claws and large head with front-facing eyesbird of Minerva - nocturnal bird of prey with hawk-like beak and claws and large head with front-facing eyes
bird of prey, raptor, raptorial bird - any of numerous carnivorous birds that hunt and kill other animals
owlet - young owl
Athene noctua, little owl - small European owl
horned owl - large owls having prominent ear tufts
great gray owl, great grey owl, Strix nebulosa - large dish-faced owl of northern North America and western Eurasia
Strix aluco, tawny owl - reddish-brown European owl having a round head with black eyes
barred owl, Strix varia - large owl of eastern North America having its breast and abdomen streaked with brown
Otus asio, screech owl - small North American owl having hornlike tufts of feathers whose call sounds like a quavering whistle
screech owl - any owl that has a screeching cry
scops owl - any of several small owls having ear tufts and a whistling call
spotted owl, Strix occidentalis - a large owl of North America found in forests from British Columbia to central Mexico; has dark brown plumage and a heavily spotted chest
hoot owl - any owl that hoots as distinct from screeching
hawk owl, Surnia ulula - grey-and-white diurnal hawk-like owl of northern parts of the northern hemisphere
Asio otus, long-eared owl - slender European owl of coniferous forests with long ear tufts
laughing owl, Sceloglaux albifacies, laughing jackass - almost extinct owl of New Zealand
barn owl, Tyto alba - mottled buff and white owl often inhabiting barns and other structures; important in rodent control
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