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n. Slang
A person regarded as silly or stupid.

bird′brained′ adj.
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Slang. Given to lighthearted silliness:
Informal: gaga.
Slang: dizzy.
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A SUPPOSEDLY conservative US Senator from Missouri -- a man who claims to believe in limited government, understand the First Amendment to the Constitution and respect our nation's traditions of free enterprise -- insults all three with a birdbrained bill to establish a "fairness doctrine" for social media companies.
Yes, Guinness Records are meant to be quirky, but this one, quite frankly, is just birdbrained. And after the longest minute and 15.72 seconds of my life has finally elapsed, not a single egg is standing upright on the table.
Prime Minister, such a decision is a waste of time because people will easily get around it and you will only end up further humiliating yourself." Clearly, they are as birdbrained as he is.
Worried onlookers gathered to watch the birdbrained beastbeing saved after it became tangled in wire above the McDonald's restaurant on the corner of Nun Street and Grainger Street in Newcastle city centre.