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bird feeder

also bird·feed·er (bûrd′fē′dər)
An outdoor container for bird feed, used to attract wild birds.
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Noun1.birdfeeder - an outdoor device that supplies food for wild birdsbirdfeeder - an outdoor device that supplies food for wild birds
device - an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose; "the device is small enough to wear on your wrist"; "a device intended to conserve water"
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I hung a birdfeeder on the branch of a tree in my backyard some weeks ago -- and it has given me hours of enjoyment.
So when squirrels raided his birdfeeder, he took action.
Above Pupils Aidan and Nathan with their completed birdfeeder
The mum-of-two, who entered our garden centre ambassador category, loves watching visitors to her garden birdfeeder. She tells me: "I love to educate people on not killing wildlife.
Just wait for a minute and think about that, nuthatches nesting in your birdbox and using your birdfeeder. Pretty exotic, eh?
My grandparents would teach me the names of everything we'd seen--the endangered ferns, the tufted titmouse at the birdfeeder, and the difference between an elm tree and an oak in the backyard.
The back jacket photograph of the real bear who visits Lane Smith's own birdfeeder is an added bonus.
"Just another lesson from the birdfeeder," she said.
Also highly recommended is Brillhart's previous nature photography picturebook for children, "The Mystery at the Birdfeeder".
Restock the birdfeeder As the weather turns, robins, starlings, chaffinches and goldcrests all flock here from Europe, so make sure your birdfeeder is filled up and the surrounding area is free of droppings and old food.
We conducted all observations at a single birdfeeder in the front yard of a suburban residence in Wesley Hills, NY, U.S.A.
"Last year's catalog included a page of hand tools products, a page of power tools products, birdfeeder and wildlife products and kitchen products" he says.