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1. A box, often shaped like a house, that is provided as a nesting place for birds.
2. An aviary.


1. US a small shelter or box for birds to nest in. Usual Brit name: nest box
2. an enclosure or large cage for captive birds; aviary



n., pl. -hous•es (-ˌhaʊ zɪz)
1. a houselike box for birds to nest in.
2. an aviary.
[1865–70, Amer.]
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Noun1.birdhouse - a shelter for birdsbirdhouse - a shelter for birds      
columbarium, columbary, dovecote - a birdhouse for pigeons
shelter - protective covering that provides protection from the weather
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.....IGGY POP ZOMBIE BIRDHOUSE (REISSUE) Iggy Pop's sixth solo album is either an intrepid experiment or a tuneless disaster.
Possibly the most peculiar album in Senor Pop's back catalogue, Zombie Birdhouse, originally released in 1982, came after his run of Bowie-produced comeback albums.
Birdhouse should recreate the Leap of Faith and I guarantee you that Jaws would ollie it first try.
'Sinatra' plates, from PS8, Habitat Vase, PS8, George Large rug, 150 x 200cm, PS249.99, Zara Home Jones green matte finish Frankie clock, PS14.40, Debenhams 'Nuvola' olive green tiles, PS5.81 each, Topps Tiles Cast aluminium casserole dish, PS49.50, Marks & Spencer Birdhouse, PS15, Marks & Spencer Gold & glass velvet jewellery box, PS29.50, Oliver Bonas Set of two botanical hanging frames, PS22, Next Newgate Mr Clarke wood finish wall clock (40cm), PS55, John Lewis Honalulu wallpaper, PS25, Graham & Brown Mini bonsai, PS29, Bloom.
Jack's one pride and joy was a prizewinning birdhouse that he kept on a special shelf in his room.
We would love to see any images our readers take of their birdhouse gourds, and we might even run several of them in a future issue of the magazine.
Birdhouse hopes to buck the trend of expensive meals and instead focuses on giving diners their money's worth of fried bird.
Rose had sold birdhouses at his west Eugene home before, but he was just starting to rebuild his birdhouse business at his new location.
Here are some interesting examples of the 125 wacky attractions featured: Tayka Hotel De Sal, a hotel made of salt in Tahua, Bolivia, Creepy Gollum at hobbit Hanging Around, in Wellington, New Zealand, the International Mustard Museum in Middleton, Wisconsin, the Hand of the Desert, a giant hand sculpture in Atacama Desert, Chile, a traffic light tree sculpture in London, England, a corn maze in Chester, New Jersey, Birdhouse paradise, a birdhouse and flower bonanza in Loogootee, Indiana, Waterwalkerz Ball featuring walk on water bubbles in Moscow, Russia, the Kakslauttanen, or arctic resort in Saariselka, Finland, and many more.
THIS summer, intu Eldon Square welcomes the nationwide Big Birdhouse Tour, with the RSPB and three schools in the region taking part in the campaign aimed at "Giving Nature a Home".
(Deeper boxes keep nestlings out of reach of predators, and reduce their exposure to the elements.) Attach a roof to the birdhouse at a downward slope so rain doesn't enter, and enclose and seal the bottom of the hollow log with 3/8-inch plywood and commercial sealant.
recounted how she and Anne had corresponded for years and that Marjorie had made a birdhouse replica of Anne's cabin which she gave to Anne.