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The resolution or splitting of a light wave into two unequally reflected or transmitted waves by an optically anisotropic medium such as calcite or quartz. Also called double refraction.

bi′re·frin′gent adj.
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(General Physics) another name for double refraction
ˌbireˈfringent adj
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dou′ble refrac′tion

the separation of a ray of light into two unequally refracted, plane-polarized rays of orthogonal polarizations, occurring in crystals in which the velocity of light rays is not the same in all directions. Also called birefringence.
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double refraction; the separation of light into two unequally refracted, polarized rays, as by some crystals. — birefringent, adj.
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Noun1.birefringence - splitting a ray into two parallel rays polarized perpendicularlybirefringence - splitting a ray into two parallel rays polarized perpendicularly
refraction - the change in direction of a propagating wave (light or sound) when passing from one medium to another
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Fiber order and estimated birefringence were determined using a six-wavelength quartz wedge compensator, a Nikon (Japan) Optiphot2-pol polarized light microscope, and the Michel-Levy chart.
Combined with polarimetric techniques, this novel microscopy can be used to directly measure the birefringence and dichroism of thin polymer film samples with lateral resolution of about 50 nm.
New studies show that this effect, called intrinsic birefringence, could incapacitate the next generation of factory tools for making chips.
Sections stained with Congo red dye demonstrated the characteristic yellow and apple-green birefringence, and the lesion had the beta-pleated sheet structure and antiparallel conformation by low-angle x-ray diffraction, typical of amyloidosis.
According to Dooley, the new material has very low birefringence, the stress distortion inherent in lens manufacturing, and an Abbe number of 46.
The lesion showed rhomboid-shaped and blunt-ended crystals (black arrows) with weak positive birefringence under polarizing microscope in the sections stained with the Shidham method (Figure 2, D and H).
These films exhibit partial relaxation followed by rapid increase in birefringence due to the accelerating effect of orientation on crystallization.
With standard gemmological testing, the material is easily recognizable by its strong carbonate birefringence blink on the refractometer.
Later topics include the optical Kerr effect of DNA oligomers and tRNA, the geometry of purple membranes in aqueous medium, electric birefringence of liquid crystalline polymers, and drying dissipative structures of colloidal dispersions.
It now can import up to four times as many Moldflow results files and can display optical birefringence, molding window, and design-of-experiments data.
The plates are a combination of the optical properties of glass, low background and low birefringence with the versatility of a microplate.