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The resolution or splitting of a light wave into two unequally reflected or transmitted waves by an optically anisotropic medium such as calcite or quartz. Also called double refraction.

bi′re·frin′gent adj.
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Adj.1.birefringent - relating to or characterized by double refractionbirefringent - relating to or characterized by double refraction
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a. birrefringente, de refracción doble.
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Microscopic evaluation of the material removed from the ventriculus showed birefringent crystals that corresponded to microscopic silica grains, consistent with the decomposed granite from the exhibit.
Meanwhile, other forms of structured light provide the basis for enhanced resolution imaging applications and, going beyond the traditional optics of birefringent molecules and crystals, this sphere of research includes the interactions of light beams that propagate with their own vortex wavefront.
Characteristic birefringent crystals in a 'shock-of-wheat' arrangement are observed on urine microscopy.
The second article in this special issue entitled "Optical imaging and molecular sequencing of a preserved collection of bivalve larvae" presents representative polarized light images of birefringent patterns of various developmental stages of 40 of the larval/post-larval bivalve species contained in the collection of vials.
The typical histological findings are amyloid apple-green birefringent deposits.
Younis, "Bell and kink type soliton solutions in birefringent nano-fibers," Optik--International Journal for Light and Electron Optics, vol.
For birefringent phase matching and the output wavelengths are controlled with angle or temperature tuning of the refractive indices.
Spherical fungi of different diameters and birefringent membrane located both within multinucleated giant cells or dispersed through the tissue were also present.
The oxalate crystals were characterized by translucent, pale yellow, highly birefringent, anisotropic linear shapes arranged in sheaves and rosettes (Figure 3).
First presented (for this application) by the authors in [5], such gratings have short length and slightly taperized structures, due to the high tension the fiber is submitted to during manufacture, leading to highly birefringent structures within the fiber's cross section.