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A gemstone associated with a particular month and customarily worn by persons born during that month.


(Astrology) a precious or semiprecious stone associated with a month or sign of the zodiac and thought to bring luck if worn by a person born in that month or under that sign



a precious or semiprecious stone traditionally associated with the month of one's birth.


[ˈbɜːθstəʊn] Npiedra f natalicia
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Not on the High Street, Personalised Initial Birthstone Necklace by Bloom Boutique, PS15
In Japan, Kit Kat added another exclusive chocolate concoction into their list, with the introduction of birthstone Kit Kats.
To celebrate the spirit of Early Black Friday, the event will showcase the most awe-inspiring collection of Personalized and Birthstone Rings which is exclusively designed by the renowned designers at Slate & Tell.
The gemstone ruby is the birthstone of people born in which month of the year?
Birthstone necklaces make for pretty gifts, whatever their age.
A lot of people are particularly attracted to their birthstone - and with me being born in April, quartz is, along with diamond, my birthstone," says Marianne.
Particularly popular in Huddersfield are Pandora bracelets and charms along with birthstone rings.
The 'In Time' actor told the magazine that he helped the designer to create the very "personal" white gold and black rhodium plated engagement ring - which also features two aquamarine elements representing his wife's birthstone.
Items taken included a gold charm bracelet given to the girl for her 18th birthday, plus three nine-carat gold rings, one with diamonds, another with a black stone and the third with a purple birthstone.
The personalised jewellery categories include men's jewellery, birthstone jewellery, medical jewellery and spiritual jewellery.
It is the stone for planet Venus and the birthstone for the month of April, and is considered the anniversary stone for the 30th and 60th wedding anniversary.