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birth weight

or birth·weight (bûrth′wāt′)
The weight of an infant at birth.



the weight of an infant at birth.
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The feeble written answer (December 21) to the Parliamentary question regarding the link between air pollution and low birthweight babies, tabled by Daniel Kawczynski MP, suggests that those supposed to be protecting our health haven't been acting with due diligence - but may do so in future.
Deliveries were more often cesarean, and mean birthweight was significantly lower" Sheiner says.
According to researchers, babies delivered at early term were also more likely to be low birthweight -- less than 5.
Women who use marijuana while pregnant are more likely to have infants with low birthweight, one new study shows.
The reported percentage of babies born early or with low birthweight can be affected by many factors, including the mother's age.
The aim of this study was to investigate whether common variants in genes CDKAL1, HHEX, ADCY5, SRR, PTPRD that predisposed to type 2 diabetes were also associated with reduced birthweight in Chinese Han population.
SAN DIEGO -- Children of very low birthweight had higher rates of mental health disorders 10-14 years later than did age-matched controls, but teachers generally did not detect these differences, and instead their mental health assessments were associated with children's socioeconomic status, a prospective study found.
Nathan Seppa explored the consequences of a high birthweight, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines as more than 4 kilograms, or 8.
birthweights may be declining, the average infant birthweight has remained significantly tilted toward obesity.
The objective of the study was to determine the frequency and outcome of Small for Gestational Age (SGA) foetuses, and its association with the mode of delivery, foetal birthweight, maternal age and gestational age.
Yet another study links low birthweight to air pollution and traffic.