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 (bī′sĕkt′, bī-sĕkt′)
v. bi·sect·ed, bi·sect·ing, bi·sects
To cut or divide into two parts, especially two equal parts.
To split; fork.

bi·sec′tion n.
bi·sec′tion·al adj.
bi·sec′tion·al·ly adv.


relating to division into two equal parts
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Adj.1.bisectional - of or relating to bisectionbisectional - of or relating to bisection    
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Rather, it uses a simple bisectional algorithm to solve the effective-stress-function directly.
168) In other words, it enabled Congress--in a bipartisan and bisectional manner--to lock in the national status quo on the slavery question.
In the higher dimensional case, the Frankel conjecture claims that a compact Kahler manifold with positive bisectional curvature is the projective space.
Support for disruptive networking technologies: Supports technologies required for bisectional bandwidth scaling such as MLAG, SPB, TRILL, data center bridging, at data centers and interconnects.
Sectional approach; this approach is based on the bisectional economic thought (core and margin sections).
through [judicial] interpretation and the various bisectional compromises.
Schwartz advances to play Leominster in a bisectional game at 7:30 p.
Stefanou also clarified that the primary goal of Cyprus' diplomatic missions was the "attainment of a solution to the Cyprus problem that will lead to the end of occupation and the reunification of Cyprus as a bizonal, bisectional federation based on the relevant UN resolutions.
Beside the book reviews and the museum section, the issue is bisectional.