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s]) is used for ordinal values in which students ranked their perceptions of the GBL experience using Likert scale, and rank biserial correlation coefficient ([Y.
Biserial correlation was applied to find out the relation between the disease and the environmental factors.
Biserial Correlation Coefficients Means and Standard Deviations of Tested
The point biserial correlation coefficient ranges for the specific PC-PTSD items and the sources of social support are as follows: -0.
To determinate if one variable presents significant correlation with the raw score produced by the variable series, initially was observed the item's biserial correlation.
Other correlations coefficients will test non-linear relationships or those not measured at the interval level, such as phi coefficient, point biserial correlation coefficient, and others (Lang & Secic, 2006).
We calculated point biserial correlation coefficients for the continuous predictor variables (i.
In terms of a point biserial correlation, the relationship between gender and income equaled .
2) The biserial correlation coefficient, which provides an estimate of Pearson's product moment correlation between total test scores and the hypothetical continuum of the items as dichotomised into correct and incorrect responses (Backhoff, Larrazolo & Rosas, 2000).
Table 3 shows that point biserial correlation between participation in organized sports and the scores on the Rod-and-Frame Test was significant (p < .
The point biserial correlation between the presence of an identified spiritual theme (0 = no spiritual theme, 1 = spiritual theme) in the suicide notes and age was -.
Figure 1 shows that a point biserial correlation between subjective difficulty rating and correct selection of functional hypothesis exists for only one case, while for 5 out of 10 cases difficulty ratings correlate with treatment selection accuracy.