biserial correlation coefficient

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Noun1.biserial correlation coefficient - a correlation coefficient in which one variable is many-valued and the other is dichotomous
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
coefficient of correlation, correlation coefficient, correlation - a statistic representing how closely two variables co-vary; it can vary from -1 (perfect negative correlation) through 0 (no correlation) to +1 (perfect positive correlation); "what is the correlation between those two variables?"
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The point biserial correlation coefficient (rpb) will measure the relationship of correct or incorrect answer with overall score and it ranges from 0 to 0.4.
In the studies, validity for the composite was computed as biserial correlation coefficients. The significance level of validity was not reported by Germain et al., but I computed them using the standard error formula for biserial correlations (Guilford & Fruchter, 1978).
** p < .01 in comparison of values in patients and healthy controls Table 2 Point Biserial Correlation Coefficients of the Studied Integrative Neuropsychological Characteristics with Liability to Schizophrenia and their Errors Correlation Coefficient Characteristics of regions and Error R [+ or -] SR Left subcortical-frontal 0.39 [+ or -] 0.07 Right subcortical-frontal 0.28 [+ or -] 0.08 * p < .05 (see explanation in text).