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Noun1.bishop's throne - a throne that is the official chair of a bishopbishop's throne - a throne that is the official chair of a bishop
cathedral - any large and important church
throne - the chair of state for a monarch, bishop, etc.; "the king sat on his throne"
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It marked the founding of the Diocese of Newcastle in 1882 (and the creation of Newcastle as a city) and the need for a cathedra or Bishop's throne.
For visitors of all ages there are so many treasures to enjoy including the original underground Anglo-Saxon crypt of St Wilfrid; a Saxon bishop's throne dating from the 7th Century; a 2,000-year-old intact Roman tombstone; a fine Dark Age cross; the famous 'Dance of Death' 15th century panel paintings; carved misericords; beautiful Victorian stained glass; the Medieval Night Stair that was used by the Augustinian monks and is the only remaining night stair still in daily use.
Eventually, it elected two further claimants for the bishop's throne. In the later stages of the conflict, almost his only support came from the Welsh princes a relationship that made Gerald increasingly suspect to the king and his officers.
An iconostasis from the sixteenth century, a bishop's throne and pulpit intricately worked in gold leaf from the eighteenth century, and gravestones from the nineteenth century make it clear that Orthodox Christianity was practiced openly throughout the Ottoman period.
It is here you'll find the most important chair in the city: the lovingly carved Bishop's Throne.
One of the requirements coming both from the Ministry and the Church was to include a magnificent bishop's throne in marble, dating from the 13th century with a contemporary look!
There, the rivalry of two men, "burning beyond human measure for snatching away (ad rapiendam) the bishop's throne," caused "gory uprisings among the fractured populace" (Atom.
On the right of the altar are seen the bishop's throne and clergy stalls flanked by a pulpit and lectern.