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or bis·tre  (bĭs′tər)
1. A water-soluble, yellowish-brown pigment.
2. A grayish to yellowish brown.

[French bistre.]

bis′tered adj.
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Noun1.bister - a water-soluble brownish-yellow pigment made by boiling wood soot
pigment - dry coloring material (especially a powder to be mixed with a liquid to produce paint, etc.)
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Wud of Bister Fagid's lads,' exclaimed Barney, with a grin.
Written by co-artistic directors Charlotte Bister and Daniel Richards, A View from the Edge is a highly original show.
We were warned that Junior and Bister (his nickname for Princess) might be jealous when she came along, but they both absolutely love her and, if anything, having her has brought us all so much closer.
Amici and Burradon also finished 2-2, Carver netting twice for Amici and Bister and Boddy replying for Burradon.
Klaus Bister from the Institute of Biochemistry at the University of Innsbruck said: "To get a better understanding of the deregulation process caused by the oncogene, we would have to know which genes are regulated by myc and which of these are important for cancers.
Rex Fallen, Len Pate, Martyn Evans and Alan Bister were trailing 10-9 at 15 ends but had slightly the worse of the remaining exchanges to lose seven shots against five to go down 17-14.
Catherine Bister, aged 28, who lives in Edgbaston near to the Oratory where she worships every Sunday followed the progress leading to the beatification - greeted with a round of applause at the park.
It was third time lucky for the VPs when they finished 116-107 ahead of Barnstaple Rock Park BC in their third game, with the highest winning rink honours going to Rex Fallon, Bill Fakey, Brian Hunt and Alan Bister.
The losing rinks were Alan Kemp, Richard Stocking, Mike Soloman and George Palmer (11-18), Ron Jackson, Bernard Crowther, Keith Rawlings and Roy Lawrence (19-25), Royston Andrews, Pam Kemp, Martyn Evans and John Greves (13-23), Michael Hall, Don Cartwright, Tony Mann and Alan Bister (10-34).
In a closely contested match, Peter Lichfield, Alan Walker, Mick Foster and George Palmer drew 19 all and the losing rinks were Royston Andrews, Brian Hunt, Graham F Taylor and Mike Gilks (17-19), Dave Longdon, Martin Preedy, Clive Andrew and Alan Bister (6-23) and Alan Kemp, Les Boulton, Tony Bennett and Colin Haywood (9-32).
Other rink winners were: Jim Richards, Tony Parsons, John Brain and Colin Haywood (18-9), Derek Wattison, Clive Andrew, Graham F Taylor and John Greves (15-13) Len Falconbridge, Eric Tallis, Alan Bister and John Pallett (15-11).