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n. pl. bis·tou·ries
A long, narrow surgical knife for minor incisions.

[French bistouri, perhaps from Italian dialectal bistori, from bistorino, of Pistoia, from Latin Pistōrium, Pistoia.]
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n, pl -ries
(Surgery) a long surgical knife with a narrow blade
[C15: from Old French bistorie dagger, of unknown origin]
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Needles, pointed intravenous intervention tools, bistouries, injectors, and broken pipette or ampoule glass pieces all belong to this category.
Simon and Wayne (1989) documented that complications that could arise during surgery include severing of wrong ligament or inadvertent entrance into femeropatellar joint with bistouries. However, in the present study above complications were not observed and they documented that complications that could be seen post-operatively in horses were dehiscence of skin incision and limb cellulitis.
Since it was not used to obtain the dry mass, then the aerial part and root were separated by using bistouries and dried in a kiln at 70[degrees]C until constant weight of dry mass.