bite plate

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also bite plate  (bīt′plāt′)
A usually plastic, removable dental appliance that is fitted to the palate and is used in orthodontics and prosthodontics.
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Noun1.bite plate - a removable dental appliance that is worn in the palate for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes
dental appliance - a device to repair teeth or replace missing teeth
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The impression wax is sub-segmented into corrective wax, bite plate wax, healing wax, and others.
For each trial, the skull was reassembled (bite plate insertion, diodes, mask, and cushion) in the radiation LINAC area, as it would be for a real patient set-up, before radiation treatment delivery.
The stark closing shots of Carrie's subconvulsive twitching, her jaw agonizingly clenched around a baby-blue bite plate, only served up a gentler, kinder version of Hollywood's standard ECT epileptoid extravaganza.
A typical dental examination involves an oral-cancer screening that includes examining your face, neck, lymph nodes, soft tissues, and jaw joints (TMJs); looking for loose or broken teeth or damaged fillings; checking for gum disease; x-raying your teeth for signs of decay or damage; inspecting your bite; checking any dental appliances (bridge, night guard, bite plate); cleaning (to remove plaque and tartar), polishing, and flossing your teeth; reviewing brushing and flossing techniques; and scheduling any needed dental treatment.